26 April 2013

Electic Vehicle Supply Equipment

Start to blog

12 April 2013

Although it is maybe a very common used title for your first blog page, using any other would not cover the topic. If you put my name in any search machine, you will get presented with a lot of results. These may be coherent for some, but to provide a more structured presentation the information is presented on this website in the right context. In addition, projects can be presented making them accessible to a more general public.

Having a website gives an other opportunity as well, one you are currently using. Blogging gives one the ability to address her/his opinion on the world wide web, for some this is a very attractive platform to inform the rest of the world about their breakfast, that they go to bed etc. Here, I only want to address topics of my interest but also with background information.

If you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions please get in touch.